Загадки на английском языке

Давайте собирать интересные загадки для детей на английском языке, желательно с ответами!

Can giraffes have babies?
Ответ: No, they only have giraffes!

What has lots of eyes but never sees?
Ответ: A potato

What teaches without talking?
Ответ: A book.

How many 9's between 1 and 100?
Ответ: 20

What is black and white and pink all over?
Ответ: An embarrassed zebra

What is always coming, but never arrives?
Ответ: Tomorrow

What is always in bed but never sleeps?
Ответ: A river

When is the best time to have lunch?
Ответ: After breakfast!

What is a bird after it is 5 yeas old?
Ответ: Six years old

Think fast: There's an electric train traveling south. The wind is from the north-west. In which direction would the smoke from the train be blowing?
Ответ: An electric train has no smoke!

What black and white all over?
Ответ: A newspaper

Clean, but not water,
White, but not snow,
Sweet, but not ice-cream,
What is it?
Ответ: Sugar

How much water can you put into an empty 2 quart jar?
Ответ: None, it would not be empty.

What kind of apple isn't an apple?
Ответ: A pineapple

Give me food and I will live
Give me water and I will die
What am I?
Ответ: Fire

Where can you find roads without cars, forests without trees and cities without houses?
Ответ: On a map.

Where were lemons first found?
Ответ: In a tree

If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you do not have it. What is it?
Ответ: A secret.

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